Monday, January 5, 2009

Pro Town record Complete!

We'll be shipping the master out to get the vinyl biscuits get pressed this week. Track list is as follows....

Side A

1. Intro 

2. 5 Deep     
 J Strest, Swerve One, Al-Bums, Roe Diggs, Cev Two

3. Crash  Test
Romen Rok

4. Him Go
J Strest & InfoMite

5. 50 ways
Al-Bums & Swerve One

6. AM 2 PM Remix
Romen Rok & InfoMite

B side

7. Down River Ave.
Swerve One & Al-Bums

8. Fee Fie Foe Fum
Romen Rok & InfoMite

9. Rhode Island Hospital
 J Strest & InfoMite

10. Ice Puppies
Swerve one & Al-Bums

11. Money Up Front
J Strest & Minister Ref

12. Love Is Blue
Chachi Carvalho, JahPan, Romen Rok

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