Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chocolate Skittles

At first glimpse at the new chocolate flavored skittles, you might point your head to the floor, cross your arms over your solar plexus, then proceed to faux vomit, and make a comment like... 
"Yea. OK. Ya buggin, son." 
But no, I'm not buggin. I bought some today at the bodega while my girlfriend bought a custom designed name belt-buckle that said, in bold stainless steel letters, "GHETTO". My chica is not hood and this belt buckle wasn't for her. It was for her hip-hop influenced friend who lives in Argentina. Apparently you can't cop name belt buckles in Buenos Aires.
Anyway, these new skittles are yumpin. That's yummy and jumpin' amalgamated. 

Taste the chocolate rainbow, Willy.

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