Sunday, November 23, 2008

Van Jones is the f**kin MAN!

My homeboy Ricky Rap-Star flew in from Atlanta over this past week to take part in a convention in Boston called GreenBuild. He was there on business on behalf of the Atlanta library system who are planning to build a new green library. When he came back to RI for the weekend he put me onto Greenbuild's website on which he introduced me to Van Jones. This dude Van is a great public speaker. He hits all topics with precision on what it means to be "green" and how to bring it to your own backyard. He's funny, smart and worth the listening time. He inspired me to think about how to handcraft package my new cd with post consumer materials that I can find from somebody's unnecessary waste. Make sure to give fam a listen to. The lecture he did this past week can be found here.  

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