Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Romen Rok "Absolutely" is D.O.N.E. dan dun!!! Pre-sale for tickets to the show and the CD going on NOW!!!! I have tickets available to order for the release party on May 29, 2010 at Firehouse 13, in Providence. This is going to be a show u won't want to miss. Special guests, games, contests, prizes + much more!!!

If you by the advance ticket, it comes with a CD at the show (show+CD= 12.00). Also, you can get a pre-order in for the just the CD......Hit me up if you want to do a cash money transaction, OR, use paypal button on the right (50 cent fee), click in the menu box for the different options. I'll mail you the tickets (asap), or the CD (after May 30th). THANX FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

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j_ayala said...

I just bought one of these recently off the blog with my paypal account. How long will it take to ship to New York ?