Monday, October 27, 2008

New Project coming very soon.

"It's almost finished son, for real."

 I  know I sometimes seem like 'the boy who cried album' but my project is seriously almost completed. There's gonna be 13-14 tracks on it with production by Joe Beats, Esh The Monolith (who just released his new cd with Labeless Illtelligence), Dj Al-Bums, and myself on the mpc 2000xl. I have a six week deadline to be finished with the recording, mixing, mastering, and artwork. I don't know the official release date because I don't know how I'm gonna officially release it yet. But, I'm real happy with the music and I can't wait to perform it live from front to back. Come back soon for updated info!            

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intrikit said...

Whut up Romen...damn wish i woulda got to ya earlier on the beet tip...guess i'll have to lace ya with a RMX...the videos sum funny ish man...peace